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Site Update - Disneyland 1992 pictures
Posted: December 2, 2011, 9:30 a.m.
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Finally got around to posting pictures from a 1992 trip to Disneyland. Not a large update of 91 pictures but it is now crossed off my list of things to post. Also have been continuing work updating pages to make them more search engine friendly. Have done anything 8,000+ since our last update.

Again with this update you will be able to click on each picture to open a 1600 x ??? version of the picture. Being scanned from a film camera the sizes are all different. I am hoping to be able to update most of the picture back thru May 2001 when we went to 100% digital cameras.

With this update we have pictures of 141 different Characters

Next update might be all pictures from September 2011

Available updates:
January 2010 (2,134)
September 2011 (1,716)
April 2011 Video
September 2011 Video
Disneyland 1988
1994 Magic Kingdom Press Kit Video
1994 Epcot Press Kit Video

Included in this update are:
Adventureland (2)
Critter Country (8)
Fantasyland (39)
Frontierland (12)
Main Street U.S.A. (13)
New Orleans Square (3)
Tomorrowland (14)

The number in ( ) is the number of pictures posted.

With this update we know have 21,741 pictures and 15 Hours 20 minutes of video.

HHere are a few samples:
Fantasyland, April 1992 Fantasyland, April 1992

Tomorrowland, April 1992 Tomorrowland, April 1992

Main Street U.S.A., April 1992 Main Street U.S.A., April 1992

Previous Site Update - all pictures from our may 2010 trip
Posted: november 19, 2011, 8:55 a.m.
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