Site Update - Animal Kingdom, June 2009
Posted: November 12, 2010, 1:00 p.m.
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Here are  298 pictures from the Animal Kingdom our June 2009 trip. Finally went back to Conservation Station and was much more impressed than I was the 1st time I went and hopefully will be going back again soon. Next up should be the Disney Resort's from June 2009 and with any luck will have it done before we leave on November 27 for our next week at Bay Lake Tower's.

Next update should be Disney Resort's from June 2009

Available updates:
January 2010 Trip
May 2010 Trip
June 2009 Trip (less Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom)
Disneyland 1988
Disneyland 1992

Included in this update are:
Animal Kingdom: (1469)
SpacerAfrica (45)
SpacerAsia (51)
SpacerDinoland U.S.A. (36)
SpacerDiscovery Island (45)
SpacerOasis (20)
SpacerRafiki's Planet Watch (101)

The number in ( ) is the number of pictures posted.

With this update we know have 15,791 pictures and 13 Hours 55 minutes of video.

Here are a few samples:
Tusker House Restaurant
June 2009 Africa Pictures

On-board Expedition Everest
June 2009 Asia Pictures June 2009 Asia Pictures

Restaurantosaurus Roof
June 2009 Dinoland U.S.A. Pictures

Hidden Mickey at Conservation Station
June 2009 Planet Watch Pictures

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