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Posted: January 9, 2010, 10:45 a.m.
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Finally gotten around to re-organizing the Disney's Hollywood Studios section to reflect the new naming of the areas of the park per the color codes on the November 2009 park map. The areas are now Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Streets of America and a Pixar Place which includes Mickey Avenue and the Animation Courtyard. The Studios update totals 144 pictures from June 2006, this update was posted on 12/25/09 but I never got around making it official.

After all these years we have finally play all 4 miniature golf courses so the January 9 update is Disney Recreation which also includes Downtown Disney Marketplace & Westside, Pleasure Island plus a few pictures at Disney's Wide World of Sports.

I have also updated the Timeline, it is now up-to-date covering Disney World events from 1964 to 2010

Available updates:
January 2007 Trip
November 2009 Trip
June 2009 Trip
Disneyland 1988
Disneyland 1992

Included in this update are:
Disney's Hollywood Studios:
Spacer Hollywood Boulevard (4)
Spacer Sunset Boulevard (4)
Spacer Streets of America (136)

Disney Recreation:
Spacer Downtown Disney Marketplace (35)
Spacer Pleasure Island (21)
Spacer Downtown Disney Westside (27)
Spacer Disney Golf (258)
Spacer Disney's Wide World of Sports (16)

The number in ( ) is the number of pictures posted.

With this update we know have 13,091 pictures and 12 Hours 26 minutes of video.

Here are a few samples:
The Disney's Hollywood Studios - June 2006
Streets of America Picture Sunset Boulevard Picture Hollywood Boulevard Picture

T-Rex Café @ Downtown Disney
Downtown Disney Pictures

The now closed Adventurers Club @ Pleasure Island
Pleasure Island Pictures

Disney Miniature Golf
Fantasia Gardens Pictures Winter Summerland Mini-Golf, June 2009 Winter Summerland Mini-Golf, June 2009

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