Site Update - August 1991 video
Posted: December 4, 2009, 8:00 p.m.
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I finally got around to posting my home video from August 1991, it is about 1 hour long and consist of 40 clips including one of the final running of the Original Walt Disney World Main Street Electrical Parade in 2 sizes. It is really cool seeing what things looked like back in 1991.

I have also spun off the Multimedia section of the site into it's own area due to the increased number of items posted and knowing what I still have left to post.

Available updates:
Disney's Hollywood Studios from June 2006
January 2007 Trip
November 2009 Trip
June 2006 Trip
Disneyland 1988
Disneyland 1992

With this update we know have 12,591 pictures and 11 Hours 25 minutes of video.

Click here to jump the the 1991 Home Video page.

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