Site Update - Disney Resorts, July 2005
Posted: August 23, 2008, 00:45 a.m.
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This update covers Disney Resorts with 195 pictures from our July 2005 trip.
There is also a jumbo panorama picture in the Polynesian Resort area off our
balcony, the picture is 7469x1458 - 3.5 MB. And pictures of Wishes from
the beach at the Polynesian Resort.

Included in this update are:
Spacer Contemporary Resort (36)
Spacer Grand Floridian Resort (9)
Spacer Polynesian Resort (147)
Spacer Pop Century Resort (3)
Spacer Wilderness Lodge Resort (1)

The number in ( ) is the number of pictures posted.

With this update we know have 10,625 pictures and 11 Hours 21 minutes of video..

Here are a few samples:
Fireworks from the beach
Polynesian Resort Picture

Fruit bar at Chef Mickey's
Contemporary Resort Picture

Grand Floridian Resort
Grand Floridian Resort Picture

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