General>> Celebration>> Celebration Hotel:
The Celebration Hotel is scheduled to open in downtown Celebration in September.

General>> Fastpass:
Walt Disney World introduces a free reservation system that allows guests to avoid crowds at the most popular theme park rides and attractions. The system is called FASTPASS

Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland>> Skyway to Tomorrowland:
The Magic Kingdom Skyway between Fantasyland & Tomorrowland closed for good on November 9. The Skyway station in Fantasyland is still standing and the area is used for Character greetings. In 2010 the Tomorrowland Skyway station was removed.

Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland>> The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh:
Pooh Adventures - Opening in the summer of 1999 at the former site of venerable Mr. Toad's Wild Ride which closed September 8, 1998, you will ride Hunny Pot vehicles through a Blustery Day in the Hundred Acre Wood. Visit with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Gopher, Owl, Rabbit, Tigger, Kanga and Roo as you experience Owl's toppling house, appear in Pooh's dream of Heffalumps and Woozles, save Piglet from the rising water in a Floody Place.

EPCOT>> Future World>> GM Test Track:
The opening of the GM Test Track is now tentatively scheduled for March 1999. Located in the former World of Motion pavilion, which has been closed for over two years, a monumental conversion has transformed one of the most innocuous rides at Walt Disney World into what may turn out to be the wildest mega-ride in Orlando. Essentially full size ride vehicles will whiz you in, out, around, and even through the walls, traveling along a life-size slot-car track at up to 65 miles per hour. (Space mountain vehicles, the fastest at Walt Disney World, only hit 28 MPH.) You will pass through climate test areas (hot & cold) and will even simulate a crash test.

EPCOT>> Future World>> Spaceship Earth:
A huge Mickey arm and wand are added besides and above Spaceship Earth with the 2000 across it for the millennium celebration.

Studios>> Sunset Boulevard>> Twilight Zone Tower of Terror:
A new drop sequence and additional special effects are to be added to this attraction sometime in 1999.

Studios>> Copperfield Magic Underground:
The opening of the Copperfield Magic Underground restaurant is has been delayed to the fall of 1999, due to technical difficulties with some of the planned illusions.

Studios>> Sunset Boulevard>> Rock 'n' Roller Coaster:
Intended to do for the studio what Space Mountain did for the Magic Kingdom, the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster opened on July 29. This coaster will have a high-speed launch facility and multiple inversions accompanied by a synchronized rock soundtrack from Aerosmith.

Studios> Hollywood Boulevard>> Doug Live:
his new show, which opens March 1, 1999, will combine live performances and animation to tell a story about the popular 12-year-old boy. It replaces Superstar TV, which closed in the fall of 1998. The new story developed especially for this show follows Doug Funnie, his dog Porkchop, best friend Skeeter, secret crush Patti, and class bully Roger through the ups and downs of pre-teen life. Audience members will be chosen to play small parts in each performance.

Animal Kingdom>> Asia:
Asia, the third major section of the park, recreates the southeast Asian rain forest. It is scheduled to open March 1999. Attractions include Kali River Rapids, a whitewater ride on the wild side, and Maharajah Jungle Trek, an exploration through ancient temple ruins and habitats of endangered tigers, Komodo dragons, Malayan tapirs and families of giant fruit bats.

Resorts>> All-Star Movies:
Walt Disney World's All-Star Movies Resort is the third companion resort to the All-Star Sports & Music Resorts. Featuring larger-than-life replicas of movie icons, the first two buildings, 101 Dalmations and the Mighty Ducks, opened January 15.

Recreation>> Disney Golf>> Winter Summerland Miniature Golf:
Scheduled to open in the spring of 1999, the Winter Summerland miniature golf course is being built near the entrance to Blizzard Beach. The 36 hole course is being built around the following story line: According to legend, one moonlit Christmas Eve, as Santa and his reindeer were flying over Florida, the Jolly Elf looked down and saw snow in a most unusual place: Blizzard Beach. That's when Santa decided to build a vacation retreat for the off-season enjoyment of his elves a Winter Summerland. As the elves set to work designing their new play land, they were split on its theme. Some of the elves wanted a warm environment with Florida sun and sand; the other elves wanted the cold snowy atmosphere of their North Pole homeland.

Recreation>> Discovery Island:
Discovery Island located on Bay Lake closes to guests as an attraction.

Recreation>> Downtown Disney West End>> Cirque du Soleil:
Cirque du Soleil, the unique Montreal-based touring circus that combines stunning acrobatics, theatrics, special effects and original music, officially opened its third permanent U.S. facility at Downtown Disney West End on January 28, 1999. The 70,000 square-foot theater resembles a circus tent and has 1,671 seats. Shows take place twice daily, five days a week.
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