General>> 1-Billionth Guest:
In September 1994 - 1-Billionth Worldwide Guest

General>> Marathon:
Approximately 8,200 participants from around the globe were on hand for the first running of the Walt Disney World Marathon.

Magic Kingdom>> Fantasyland>> Sword in the Stone Ceremony:
Presided over by Merlin the Magician, this audience participation event, begun in 1994, occurs several times daily in front of Cinderella's Golden Carrousel. The magic sword Excalibur is securely embedded in a large boulder. No one can pull it out, except for one lucky child in the audience who is then designated king or queen for the day.

Magic Kingdom>> Fantasyland>> 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea:
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea closes in Fantasyland.

Magic Kingdom>> Tomorrowland>> Complete refurbishment:
The complete refurbishment of Tomorrowland was completed in 1994. After 23 years, it became rather obvious that trying to predict the future is hazardous duty. The 1960's view of future had become considerably long in the tooth. Although Space Mountain continues to be one of the most popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom, Mission to Mars and American Journeys CircleVision 360 were among the least patronized. The theme of Tomorrowland has been changed from the (then) current view of the future to "the future that never was". This retro-1930's view of the future, with its massive, perforated girder construction will never go out of date. Mission to Mars is being replaced with ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter and American Journeys with The Timekeeper.

Magic Kingdom>> Tomorrowland>> The Timekeeper:
The Timekeeper, which opened in 1994 and replaces Circle-Vision 360, is based on a similar attraction located in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris. A time-traveling robot probe is sent back to Paris about a hundred years ago where it--and the audience--encounters a conversation between two of the most famous science fiction writers of the era.

Magic Kingdom>> Tomorrowland>> Carrousel of Progress:
Tomorrowland's Carrousel of Progress was updated in 1994 and renamed Walt Disney's Carrousel of Progress. The original theme song of the show, There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, was restored, replacing Now is the Best Time of Your Life, the song that had been playing since the Carrousel's move from Disneyland.

Magic Kingdom>> Tomorrowland>> StarJets:
The Astro Orbiter replaced the StarJets, which had been flying in Tomorrowland since 1975.

Magic Kingdom>> Tomorrowland>> WEDway PeopleMover:
The WEDway PeopleMover in Tomorrowland is renamed Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

Magic Kingdom>> Main Street, U.S.A.>> Main Street Cinema:
The show at the Main Street Cinema was changed in December, 1994, from a selection of Mickey Mouse cartoons to Mickey's Big Break, which chronicles Mickey Mouse's "audition" for Walt in 1928. Also shown is a short Mickey Mouse cartoon.

Magic Kingdom>> Fantasyland>> Legend of the Lion King:
This puppet-live performer-animated presentation, which opened in July, 1994, quite deftly summarizes the entire plot of the Lion King into a 25 minute span. The puppetry uses the same technique as used with the Muppets. This attraction is very effective and is sure to be a favorite of young and old alike. It is located in the theater that formerly housed the 3-D movie Magic Journeys.

EPCOT>> Epcot '94:
In 1994 Disney turned its attention to the 12-year-old park and began a series of renovations. These improvements were designed to enliven the park, add little more fun (and a little more Disney), and return to its roots as a showcase for world culture and the technology of the near future. The first order of business was to rename the park from EPCOT Center to Epcot '94 ('95, '96, etc.).

EPCOT>> Future World>> Spaceship Earth:
Spaceship Earth, fondly referred to by most as the Big Ball, received somewhat of a facelift in 1994. The venerable Walter Cronkite audio track has been replaced. Most of the visible changes occur at the top and on the way down. The final scene depicting the future of communications has been updated. On the most of the way down, you now have some things to look at.

EPCOT>> Future World>> Journey into Imagination>> Honey, I Shrunk the Audience:
This multi-media 3-D movie experience replaced Captain EO at the Journey into Imagination pavilion on November 24, 1994. It is based on the popular Disney movies of similar name. Professor Wayne Szalinski and family are back to receive the Inventor of the Year Award and demonstrate the latest version of his incredible machine. As always, things don't work out quite as planned and you, the audience, get shrunk! The effect is quite convincing. This has become one of the most popular attractions at Epcot.

ECPOT>> Future World>> Communicore:
Innoventions, which opened June 1994, is an attempt to put a little more of the near future into Epcot. Innoventions is located in the former Communicore buildings--those semi-circular buildings just past Spaceship Earth, AKA the Big Ball. Here you will find advanced prototypes of all kinds of consumer goods that are expected to become available over the next few years. From home security systems to home computers, if its at Innoventions you will probably be able to buy it in a year or two. One of the largest areas houses free demos of a myriad of the latest and not-yet-released video games for the kids to try out. Innoventions will be updated frequently to keep the exhibits from becoming dated.

EPCOT>> Future World>> The Land>> Food Rocks:
Food Rocks, an animatronic musical food group revue, replaced the similarly themed but dated Kitchen Kabaret on March 26, 1994.

EPCOT>> World Showcase:
Holiday IllumiNations premieres at Epcot.

EPCOT>> Future World>> The Land>> Food Rocks:
The first annual International Flower & Garden Festival takes place at Epcot.

Studios>> Sunset Boulevard:
This new area of the park opened in the summer of 1994. Sunset Boulevard is a short street that intersects Hollywood Boulevard just before the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant. Aside from a few new shops, its primary occupants are the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the rebuilt Theater of the Stars.

Studios>> Twilight Zone Tower of Terror:
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, which opened July 22, 1994, is the premier attraction in the new Sunset Boulevard area of the park. The old 13-story, 199-foot tall Hollywood Tower Hotel hasn't been occupied since 1939--except by the ghosts of the riders of an elevator that was zapped into the Twilight Zone by a lightning bolt on Halloween night. Board one of the service elevators to experience some of the best optical effects to be seen at Walt Disney World. But don't be surprised when your elevator loses its grip just when you get to the top! Arguably, the most popular ride at the Disney-MGM Studios.

Studios>> Theater of the Stars:
With the summer 1994 opening of the Sunset Boulevard area of the park, the Theater of the Stars has been rebuilt and is located halfway down Sunset Boulevard, not far in back of where it used to be.

Studios>> Hollywood Boulevard:
A Studio Tips Board was added at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard in 1994. Here you will find posted the latest information on wait times at all major park attractions.

Resorts>> Shades of Green:
In 1994 the Disney Inn (i.e. Golf Resort) was leased to the U.S. Military and renamed the Shades of Green Resort. This is the first military R&R resort to operate in the continental United States. It caters exclusively to military personnel, whether active, reserve, or retired. Civilian employees of the military may also stay here.

Resorts>> Wilderness Lodge:
Walt Disney World's Wilderness Lodge Resort, which opened May 1994, is themed to replicate the turn-of-the-century National Park Service lodges in the Pacific Northwest. It is located in the Magic Kingdom resort area, approximately mid-way between the Polynesian, Contemporary and Fort Wilderness Resorts. It is not, however, on the monorail.

Resorts>> All-Star Sports:
Walt Disney World's All-Star Sports Resort, which opened May 1994, is designed to provide the most economical accommodations Disney has offered to date. The resort is designed around larger-than-life replicas of sports icons. It is located just beyond the Blizzard Beach water park.

Resorts>> All-Star Music:
Walt Disney World's All-Star Music Resort is a companion resort the All-Star Sports Resort. Opened November 1994, it is designed around larger-than-life replicas of music icons.

Recreation>> Disney Village Marketplace>> Planet Hollywood:
Another in the growing chain that highlights movie history with its display of memorabilia, Planet Hollywood, which opened December 1994, is housed in a three-story tall planet-like blue sphere. It is located just next to the AMC theater. If you don't want to wait a long time to get in, plan on eating mid-afternoon when seating is usually very quick.
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