Magic Kingdom>> Fantasyland>> Dumbo, the Flying Elephant:
The original 10-elephant ride was replaced with an improved 16-elephant version in 1993.

EPCOT>> Future World>> Horizons:
The initial 10-year contract of corporate sponsor GE expired in 1993, and they did not renew. As a result, this attraction is only open on an intermittent basis and may close entirely at some point.

EPCOT>> World Showcase>> The American Adventure:
The montage at the end of the presentation was updated in 1993 to include recent images.

Magic Kingdom>> Liberty Square>> Hall of Presidents:
A new production, narrated by Maya Angelou and focusing on the U.S. Constitution, was introduced late in 1993. Also new in this presentation, the Audio-Animatronic president Bill Clinton speaks in a recording made by the real Bill Clinton especially for this attraction.

Magic Kingdom>> Tomorrowland>> Mission to Mars:
Mission to Mars closes in Tomorrowland.

EPCOT>> Future World>> The Land>> Living with the Land:
The pavilion's original boat ride, called Listen to the Land, was renovated and changed somewhat in 1993. It reopened in December as the re-titled Living with the Land.

Studios>> ATAS Hall of Fame Plaza:
The plaza in front of the Chinese Theater (AKA the Great Movie Ride) has become a showcase for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame (the Emmy Award people). Inductees will be permanently honored here with bronze busts. The dedication was held in November 1993.

Studios>> Theater of the Stars:
The Theater of the Stars, located just to the right of the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant, closed on May 2, 1993 to make way for the construction of the new Sunset Boulevard area.
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