EPCOT>> World Showcase>> International Gateway:
A second park entrance, called International Gateway, was opened in 1990 between France and the United Kingdom. It was built to service the new Epcot resorts. Both a walkway and a canal with shuttle watercraft provide a link between the park and the resorts.

Studios>> Commissary Restaurant:
Built in the new backlot annex area in record time (seven months) to meet the needs of overflowing park visitors, this new fast-food restaurant opened in 1990.

Studios>> Soundstage Restaurant:
The original decor of this restaurant was changed in 1990 from the original (based on the movie Big Business) to one based on Beauty and the Beast.

Studios>> Sorcery in the Sky Fireworks:
It wouldn't be a Disney park without fireworks, and the Disney-MGM Studios version premiered in 1990. The Sorcery in the Sky Fireworks appear behind the Chinese Theater and are best viewed from the end of Hollywood Boulevard, in the vicinity of the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant. The pyrotechnics are themed to music from Fantasia and the finale features a huge Sorcerer Mickey who appears on top of the Chinese Theater.

Studios>> New York Street>> Honey I Shrunk the Audience Movie Set Adventure:
Essentially a playground for children, this attraction opened December 17, 1990 in the new backlot annex area. Visitors walk through a small patch of Dr. Wayne Zelinski's backyard, which has been made to look like you have been shrunk down to the size of an ant.

Resorts>> Yacht Club & Beach Club:
The Yacht Club & Beach Club Resorts both opened in the Epcot resort area on November 5, 1990. These sister resorts, although sharing a common recreation area, represent two distinct variations on a new England seaside theme. The Yacht Club is a more formal representation of a Martha's Vineyard summer resort of yesteryear, while the Beach Club presents the more informal type of summer getaway that might have been found on the Nantucket of the same era.

Studios>> Here Come the Muppets:
A live action and puppet stage show based on the Muppets opened on May 25, 1990 in the theater that formerly ran previews of upcoming Disney movies at the end of the Studio Walking Tour. (This attraction was replaced by the Voyage of the Little Mermaid in 1992.)

Resorts>> Walt Disney World Dolphin:
This EPCOT area hotel is operated independently, much the same as in the Hotel Plaza. The Dolphin by Sheraton Hotels. A huge pair of namesake creatures, visible miles away tops each.

Recreation>> Pleasure Island:
The Cage nightclub opens at Downtown Disney Pleasure Island.
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