Magic Kingdom>> Tomorrowland>> Circle-Vision 360:
An all-new film, American Journeys, replaced Magic Carpet 'Round the World in 1984.

Resorts>> Hotel Plaza>> Viscount (Travelodge):
The Travelodge was renamed the Viscount in 1984.

EPCOT Center>> World Showcase>> Morocco:
The first new World Showcase pavilion to be added to the original roster, Morocco opened September 7, 1984. The feel of the Marrakech market is convincingly portrayed.

EPCOT Center>> World Showcase>> France:
The France Pavilion at Epcot's World Showcase opens Bistro de Paris.

Magic Kingdom>> Frontierland>> Country Bear Jamboree:
The Country Bear Christmas Special debuts at the Country Bear Jamboree.
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