The second major theme park at Walt Disney World opened on October 1, 1982. Consisting of two major attraction areas, Future World and World Showcase, this park resembles to some degree an ongoing world fair. Future World is home to a number of pavilions, each themed around a particular science or technology. The centerpiece of Future World is Spaceship Earth, a 180-foot high geodesic sphere containing a ride through the history of communications. World showcase consists of a number of pavilions that are designed to evoke a sense of place related to the sponsoring country. The "countries", as they are commonly referred to, are situated along a 1.3 mile long promenade surrounding a central 40 acre lagoon.

Transportation>> Monorail
A four-mile stretch of the Walt Disney World Monorail System is completed from the Ticket and Transportation Center to Epcot.

General>> Robert Fleming
December 15 I started working for Walt Disney World Resort in the Future World Foods division. The first 7 months spend at the Odyssey, Stargate and Sunrise Terrace Restaurants before moving full time to the World Premiere Cafe (Employee Dining) working my way up to an 'Advanced Culinary Technician'
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