Magic Kingdom>> Main Street U.S.A.>> Walt Disney Story:
Occupying the first building to the right as you enter the town square from under the railroad depot, the Walt Disney Story opened in 1973. It presented Disney memorabilia in an outer room and a film biography of Walt Disney in two 300-seat theaters. (This attraction closed in October 1992, and reopened in 1996 as the 25th Anniversary Welcome Center.)

Magic Kingdom>> Plaza Swan Boats:
Swan boats were added as an attraction in 1973 to the waterway that encircles the central Plaza at the end of Main Street. (This attraction closed in 1983.)

Magic Kingdom>> Frontierland>> Tom Sawyer Island:
Tom Sawyer Island, opened in 1973 in Frontierland in the middle of the rivers of America, takes you back a century to the imagined youthful environs of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. The island can only be reached by (motorized) river rafts that cross the Rivers of America on a regular basis.

Magic Kingdom>> Tomorrowland>> Carrousel of Progress:
After opening in 1967, the Carrousel of Progress is moved from Disneyland, to Walt Disney’s World's Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom>> Frontierland>> The Richard F. Irvine Riverboat:
The stern-wheeler riverboat Richard F. Irvine started plying the Rivers of America in 1973, inviting you to take a leisurely ride through the American rivers of the nineteenth century.

Magic Kingdom>> Adventureland>> Pirates of the Caribbean:
Pirates of the Caribbean, which opened in December 1973 in Adventureland's new Caribbean Plaza, takes you on an exciting nighttime journey by boat through a Caribbean village as it is raided by a band of pirates.

Resorts>> Golf Resort:
The Golf Resort opened in December 1973 with 125 room on Disney's Palm and Magnolia golf courses. Located just beyond the Polynesian Resort, this resort has always had a reputation as a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the parks.

Resorts>> Hotel Plaza>> Howard Johnson:
Opened in February 1973, this was the fourth plaza hotel.
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