Resorts>> Contemporary Resort:
The Contemporary Resort opened in 1971 in the shadow the Magic Kingdom's main entrance. One of the three original Magic Kingdom resorts, it consists of a 150 foot-tall A-frame structure, the open interior of which forms the immense Grand Canyon Concourse. The monorail goes right through the concourse, which contains a variety of shops and restaurants. Together with two adjacent low-rise wings, the Contemporary has 1041 rooms.

Resorts>> Fort Wilderness:
The Fort Wilderness Resort opened in 1971 on a 750-acre site on Bay lake, across from the Contemporary Resort. One of the three original Magic Kingdom resorts, it provides hundreds of campsites for the budget conscious traveler, or those that prefer a more rustic lodging experience than is found at the other resorts.

Resorts>> Polynesian Resort:
The Polynesian Resort opened in 1971 on a 39-acre site next to the Magic Kingdom's Ticket and Transportation Center. One of the three original Magic Kingdom resorts, it is designed to evoke the feel of the south seas. Guests occupy several long houses that are situated around the Great Ceremonial House, which contains a number of shops and restaurants.

Recreation>> Blackbeard's Island:
The island in the middle of Bay Lake (the body of water on which both the Contemporary and Fort Wilderness Resorts are located), now known as Discovery Island, began its Walt Disney World tenure in 1971 as the undeveloped Blackbeard's Island.

Recreation>> Disney Golf:
The Palm and Magnolia, two championship golf courses, open at Walt Disney World Resort.

Magic Kingdom:
The Magic Kingdom opened October 1, 1971, hosting 10,000 visitors and inaugurating Walt Disney World and the Disney presence in Florida. Occupying the northernmost reaches of the 43 square miles owned by Disney, the Magic Kingdom can be loosely described as the east coast incarnation of California's Disneyland, although on a grander scale. Consisting (on opening day) of six themed lands--Main Street, USA; Adventureland; Frontierland; Liberty Square; Fantasyland; and Tomorrowland--the park opened with 23 attractions. The focal point of the park is the 189-foot high Cinderella's Castle that serves as the entrance to Fantasyland.

It was officially dedicated on October 23 by Roy O. Disney.

Adult admission to the Magic Kingdom costs $3.50 (General Admission), while a seven-ride attraction ticket book costs $4.75 and an 11-ride attraction ticket book costs $5.75

Roy O. Disney dies on December 20.
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