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Disneyland Pana-Vue Slides (190)
Adventureland (22)
Big Thunder Mountain (5)
Country Bear Jamboree (5)
Diorama and Primeval World (5)
Disney Characters (5)
Disneyland Hotel (5)
Fantasyland (8)
Frontierland (30)
Haunted Mansion (15)
Frontierland without railingsFlying SaucersSpace Mountain at Night
Snow White & The Seven DwarfsMonorail and WaterfallsHappy Haunting Grounds
it's a small world (12)
Main Street U.S.A. (15)
New Orleans Square (5)
Night at Disneyland (9)
Pirates of the Caribbean (9)
Space Mountain (5)
Tomorrowland (35)
VP30-50 - Bengal Tiger in Ruins
VP30-51 - Entrance
VP30-52 - Firing on Hippos
VP306A - Entrance
VP307 - Schweitzer Falls
VP30A3 - Tiki Room
VP30A4 - A Playful Squirt
VP311 - Jungle Cruise Dock
VP312 - Head Hunters
VP313 - Python
VP316 - Elephant Pool
VP318 - Jungle Cruise Dock
VP31A1 - African Veldt
VP31A2 - Lost Safari
VP31A3 - Showers are Great
VP31A4 - Headhunter Sam, the Salesman
VP31A5 - Jungle Cruise Dock
VP322A - Monkey God
VP323A - Ancient Lost City of Ruins
VP324A - Watering Hole
VP32-50 - Hungry Crocodiles
VP325A - Playful Cubs

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
VP433 - Inside the Mountain
VP434 - Dynamite Curve
VP441 - Mine Train Station
VP442 - Open-Air Ore Cars
VP445 - Town of Big Thunder

Country Bear Jamboree
VP751 - 5 Bear Rugs
VP752 - Honky Tonk Piano
VP753 - Bunny, Bubbles, Beulah
VP754 - Big Al
VP755 - Swinging Teddi Barra

Diorama and Primeval World
VP121 - Triceratops and Young
VP122 - Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus
VP123 - Brontosaurus and Young
VP201 - Eagle
VP202 - Bighorn Sheep

Disney Characters
VP23-50 - Mickey, Goofy and Guest
VP23-51 - Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse
VP23-52 - Goofy, Pluto and Friends
VP232 - Snow White and 7 Dwarfs
VP233 - Alice and March Hare

Disneyland Hotel
CS1462 - Fireworks over Disneyland
CS1466 - Plaza Gift Shops
CS1469 - Disneyland Hotel Tower
CS1472 - Swimming Pool
CS1474 - Garden Area

VP511 - Sleeping Beauty Castle
VP513 - Dumbo, the Flying Elephant
VP515 - Mad Hatter Tea Party Ride
VP516 - Cinderella's Castle
VP51A3 - Skull Rock
VP51A4 - Teacup Ride
VP523 - Three Pigs and Friend
VP52A2 - Mad Hatter, Alice, White Rabbit

VP40-50 - Tom Sawyer Island
VP40-51 - Fort Guard
VP40-52 - Barrel Bridge
VP40-53 - Entrance
VP40-54 - Columbia
VP401 - Entrance
VP402 - Mining Village
VP403 - Plains Indian Village
VP404 - Burro Pack Train
VP406 - Golden Horseshoe Revue
VP407 - Entrance
VP408 - Indian Dance
VP40A1 - Cascade Mountain & Train
VP40A2 - Mark Twain
VP40A3 - Indian Dance
VP40A6 - Columbia
VP412 - Bertha Mae Keelboat
VP413 - Columbia
VP415 - Mark Twain
VP416 - Mark Twain at Night
VP417 - Tom Sawyer Rafts
VP41A1 - Keel Boat
VP421 - Mine Train by Cascade Peak
VP424 - Rainbow Caverns
VP42-50 - Golden Horseshoe
VP42-51 - Tom Sawyer Rafts
VP42-52 - Keel Boat
VP42-53 - Golden Horseshoe Performance
VP42A1 - Mark Twain
VP42A4 - Balanced Rocks in Desert

Haunted Mansion
VP731 - A Spirited Organ Recital
VP732 - Sťance with a Head Medium
VP733 - Old Friends with Grave Problems
VP734 - Spooks Play a Haunting Refrain
VP735 - Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts
VP741 - The Ghostly Tea Party
VP742 - A Bewitching Birthday Banquet
VP743 - The Happy Haunting Grounds
VP744 - Phantoms of the Opera
VP745 - A Chilling Reception Committee
VP74-50 - Phantoms of the Opera
VP74-51 - Caretaker and Dog
VP74-52 - Singing Statues
VP74-53 - Ghostly Hallway
VP74-54 - Mansion of Mystery
  it's a small world
VP53-50 - Entrance
VP532 - Children of India
VP533 - Children of France
VP534 - Children of Mexico
VP535 - Children of Bali
VP536 - Entrance
VP541 - Musical Toy Soldiers
VP542 - Children of Holland
VP543 - Tropical Rain Forest
VP545 - Wild Inhabitants of Africa
VP54-50 - Children of Africa
VP655 - Children of Africa

Main Street U.S.A.
VP103B - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
VP105 - Main Street Depot
VP10-51 - Main Street Depot
VP10-52 - Omnibus
VP10-53 - Mickey Mouse & Disneyland Band
VP10-54 - Characters at Town Square
VP107 - Omnibus
VP10A1 - Disneyland Band
VP10A2 - Keystone Cops
VP10A4 - Flower Mart
VP11-50 - Plaza Inn
VP11-51 - Mickey and Train
VP11-52 - Flower Market
VP11-53 - Mickey & Minnie on Fire Engine
VP11-54 - Barbershop Quartet

New Orleans Square
VP70-50 - The Charm of Old New Orleans
VP70-52 - One-of-a-Kind Antique Shop
VP70-53 - New Orleans Courtyard
VP70-54 - Riverboat in Old New Orleans
VP705 - Blue Bayou Lagoon

Disneyland at Night
VP21-50 - Mark Twain
VP21-51 - Pirate Ship
VP21-52 - it's a small world
Vp21-53 - Fantasyland Courtyard
VP21A1 - Fireworks & Sleeping Beauty Castle
VP21A2- City Hall
VP21A3 - Pirate Ship
VP21A4 - Skull Rock
VP416 - Mark Twain

Pirates of the Caribbean
VP711 - Captain's Quarters
VP712 - Auctioning Village Maidens
VP713 - Hiding from Buccaneer
VP714 - Strike Up a Merry Tune
VP715 - Pursuing a Bride
VP722 - Heckling from The Bridge
VP723 - Pirates Find New Friends
VP724 - Come 'ere Poochie
VP725 - Captain's Bar

Space Mountain
VP64-50 - Out-of-this-World Adventure
VP64-51 - Re-entry
VP642 - The Space Port Launch
VP643 - Space Mountain at Night
VP645 - Astronauts Goofy and Mickey

VP60-50 - Corridor of Murals
VP60-51 - Matterhorn Climbers
VP60-52 - Splash Finale
VP60A2 - Bobsled Speeds Into Lake
VP60A3 - Entrance
VP60A4 - Lagoon Mermaids
VP60A5 - PeopleMover Over Sub. Lagoon
VP60A7 - Autopia - Miniature Freeway
VP61-50 - Inner-Space Mighty Microscope
VP61-51 - Abominable Snowman
VP61-52 - Bobsled Splash
VP-615 - Skyride, Submarine, Matterhorn
VP-616 - Monorail and Waterfalls
VP-618 - Autopia Freeways
VP618A - Matterhorn Climbers
VP-619 - Flying Saucers
VP61A3 - Rocket Soars High
VP61A4 - America the Beautiful Building
VP61A5 - Exciting PeopleMover Tour
VP61A6 - Bandstand in Refreshment Garden
VP61A7 - Bobsled Splash Finale
VP61A8 - Mission Control Center
VP61A9 - Rocket Soars High
VP62A2 - Submarine & Waterfall
VP62A6 - General Electric Exhibit
VP62A7 - Bygone Days
VP62A8 - Modern Kitchen
VP62A9 - Modern Christmas
VP62B1 - Progress City
VP631 - Eagle Sam and Friends
VP632 - Wild West Quartet
VP633 - Songs of the Old South
VP634 - Old West Serenade
VP634A - Old West Serenade
VP635 - Grand Finale

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