SS Top 10

Disney Pix Top 10

This screensaver consist of the Top 10 Disney Pix Desktop.
Each picture rotates while set to music.
Downloads as of 12/13/04.

Disney Pix Top 10 - 5.27 MB   Downloads
Disney Pix Top 10 (No Audio) - 5.27 MB   Downloads
To date, screensavers have been downloaded.
The following screensavers are 360 panorama pictures taken by M. Stepelton and converted in scrolling screensavers by myself. Each picture pans from one side to the other then repeats once it finishes.

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream - Disney's Hollywood Studios
SS One Man
One Man's Dream - 4.25 MB    Downloads | One Man's Dream (No Audio) - 3.64 MB    Downloads
Main Street Train Station - Magic Kingdom
SS Main Street
Main Street Station - 4.44 MB    Downloads | Main Street Station (No Audio) - 3.47 MB   Downloads
Downtown Disney Westside
SS Downtown
Downtown Disney Westside - 4.33 MB    Downloads | Downtown Disney Westside (No Audio) - 3.39 MB   Downloads
Disney's Boardwalk Inn Lobby
SS Boardwalk
Boardwalk Inn Lobby - 3.92 MB    Downloads | Boardwalk Inn Lobby (No Audio) - 3.32 MB   Downloads
Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby
SS Boardwalk
Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby - 4.32 MB    Downloads | Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby (No Audio) - 4.32 MB   Downloads
Disney's Hollywood Studios
SS Boardwalk
Disney's Hollywood Studios - 3.93 MB    Downloads | Disney's Hollywood Studios (No Audio) - 2.88 MB   Downloads