Currently we have most of our pictures scanned using a HP S20 Scanner. It is a very good scanner that scans from prints, slides or negatives. We do most of our scanning from the NEGATIVES for a number of reasons. Mostly for the Color Quality you get from a 25 year old negative as opposed to print (see below), also when scanning from a negative you get the FULL picture. The other reason would be that most of the negatives are still in the processing envelopes so once you find a date for a picture you know ALL the pictures on that roll are from the same time. The only down fall of this that some of the older negatives are scratched and need to be restored and have the scratches removed but I feel that the extra quality is worth it.
The above is from a 25 year old untouched negative.
The above is from a 25 year old untouched print.
As you can see the Negative picture has better color, and MORE picture
Black Line
Nearly all pictures where taken with a NIKON 35 mm camera of some sort including these models N60, 8008, FE2, FM along with a Kodak DC210 Digital Camera and a few other miscellaneous cameras. Most pictures taken between April 2001 and November 2004 were taken with a Canon PowerShot Pro 90 IS 2.6 Mega Pixel Digital Camera. Pictures after May 2005 have been taken with a Canon PowerShot S1 IS 3.2 Mega Pixel Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom