Flagpole Base: A car had knocked over a street light on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Where Emile Kuri, bought it for $5.00 Main Street Lamps: The entire set was purchased for the city of Baltimore at three cent a pound. Main Street Lamps: These gas lamps were individually lit each night by a turn-of-the-century costumed lamplighter. Town Square Cannons: Built for the French army by Hutchkiss, in Paris, in the 19th century. They were never fired in adversity.
Landscaping: Plants were brought in from over 40 different countries. Sleeping Beauty Castle: Those shining golden spires on the Castle never have to be polished because they're actually 22-karat gold plating. Dumbo: The gear mechanisms on Dumbo are also 22-karat gold. Jungle Cruise: The original plans called for real wild animals to stalk the jungles in sort of a "float-through-zoo."
Matterhorn Mountain: The earliest conceptions of the bobsled run included icy caverns made of real ice. Matterhorn Mountain: It's no rumor that there is a half-court basketball court up inside the mighty mountain. Rivers of America: In the early years of the Park, the Rivers were stocked with catfish and on several occasions, Walt could be seen fishing of the dock of Tom Sawyer Island. Star Tours: The C-3PO and R2-D2 Audio-Animatronics figures in the lobby area are original units from the "Star Wars" films.
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: Was originally designed as an indoor roller coaster. But Walt toned it down, feeling that the adults would be too hesitant to venture onto such a wild ride. Pirates of the Caribbean: Many Disney Imagineers were actually used as the face models for the buccaneers. Star Tours: The industrial pipes lining the walls near the entrance are stenciled with the designers' initials and phone extensions. Star Tours: In the Droidnostic area, the overhead baskets are labeled with the initials and birth dates of people who worked on the attraction.
Submarine Lagoon: the live "mermaids" that once graced the waters had to be phased out of the show. The heavily chlorinated water was excessively drying to their skin. Landscaping: The shade trees in Town Square and much of the Jungle Cruise were saved from the fledgling Orange County freeway system before the bulldozers could rip them up. Disney got the mature trees before the freeways could, and replanted them in the safety of the park. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: There is a large sculpture of the lord of the manor, up in the rafters above the first room of the attraction has gone virtually undiscovered. This Mr. Toad bust is so obscure that it was even overlooked during the attraction's official documentation. Star Tours: Listen for the public address page, "Would the owner of a black landspeeder, vehicle I.D. THX-1138, return to your craft? Your parked in a no-hover area." "THX-1138 was the name of George Lucas' first feature film.
Excerpts from a story in the Spring 1989 issue of the Disney News.
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